Adapter Card Reader EARLDOM USB 2.0 σε Micro USB


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USB Adapter Card Reader / OTG+USB Earldom Micro SD

Compatible with most devices with micro min and support OTG function.
Support Hi-speed USB devices, USB mouse, USB keyboard and a USB disk.
This product is suitable for OTG and charging at the same time.
Without data via PC, smartphone and memory card bidirectional transmission.
The maximum transmission speed is 480MB/S.
Plug and play, no external power supply.
Small form factor, easy to carry and use.


Type: Adapters
Material: ABS
Output current: 2.1
Support: SD card/micro SD card
Weight: 20gm
Colour: White, Black, Pink, BluePackage Includes:
1 X OTG USB Flash DriverNOTE:

USB Adapter Card Reader / OTG+USB Earldom Micro SD


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